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Domains For Rent per Year
  • SITE-DEAL.COM($50)
  • tiwet.com($50)
  • howtocreatepdffiles.com($49.95)
  • domainSimpleTool(s).com ($50 for both)
  • forumprofiles.com($50)
  • forumprofile.com($50)
  • foroads.com($50)
  • forums-for-sale.com($50)
  • freeviralbacklinks.com($50)
  • thelocalproduct.com
  • adsqt.com
  • advertisingtargeted.com
  • atmyforum.com
  • avatarforrent.com($50)
  • avatarsforsale.com($50)
  • 3lay.com($25)
  • 3ley.com($25)
  • 1mfp.com (make offer)
  • wiheeforum.com
  • wiheeforum.net
  • wiheeforums.com
  • wiheeforums.net

Interested? Use the help dest link on the top and submit a ticket. Make reference to domains you are interested in.

At mikethirty.com: We accept bitcoins
-Se habla Espaņol. :)

What is Bitcoin?  
Bitcoin is a decentralized electronic cash system that uses peer-to-peer networking, digital signatures and cryptographic proof to process online payments.
Anyone can start using bitcoin. It's free to get the aplication since it IS an open source projectc. To use bitcoin, you need first a "Wallet" (electronic wallet) To learn more about this new and revolucionary method of paymens, the best start point is at . bitcoin.org
The Avatar Advertising Network had been put on hold. There is not ongoing support fot this proyect at this moment

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Avatar Advertising Network

On hold for the future!

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